How to Play


1. How do I play TeamCricket?

Glad you asked :) please see our HOW TO PLAY page for a quick break down of how to play TeamCricket.

2. How are points scored / determined on TeamCricket.com?

Glad you asked :) here's the detailed break down on how Cricket Players score / are awarded points on TeamCricket.com Fantasty Points Table

3. When and where do I see results of my Match?

There are three ways to see the result of your match with another TeamCricket User!
  1. You can click the "Watch Live!" button on any "Joined Game" to see your rank in any game room match.
  2. Once the last cricket match of the day has ended, your rank shown is the position you finished in the game, so if you are ranked 1st in the game room that means your team scored the most points and you have won the match!
  3. You can simply look at your Rank listed for the rooms when you view Joined Rooms in the left panel of the Lobby
  4. We will email every winner of a match a congratulation note and include how much cash prize you won in the match :)

4. What happens if a match goes into Super Over?

Because the Super Over is not considered an official part of the recorded statistics of the game. We will not process points for the Cricket players during the Super Over, and will instead award points for the regular overs of all matches.

5. What happens if no one joins my game? and What happens if a match is abandoned with no result?

If not enough TeamCricket users join your room to fill up all the open seats OR if the match is abandoned for any reason including but not limited to - rain, bad lighting, crowd trouble etc..: We simply refund the fee you paid for the respective Cricket match, back to your account, so you can use it again to join a new game for the next Cricket match. Please be sure to review our 'Terms and Conditions' to assure you are aware of all our match cancellation and refund terms and conditions.

6. How do I select a team if there are two matches in the sames series for the today?

You can only select 11 players for the entire day, you cannot create more than one team of 11 players for the day.

So here's an example -
There are 2 matches today in the same series, Team A vs B and Team C vs D
So there are 4 teams - Team A , B , C and D
Before the first match begins you can select 11 players out of all the players for all four teams.
When the first match between Team A vs B begins, if you have 5 players on your team from the Team A vs B match, they will be locked. But the 6 players you have on your team from the Team C vs D match will still be available for editing before the Team C vs D match begins, so you can change players for only that match.
When the Team C vs D match begins, the rest of your 6 players will be locked and so all 11 players of your team will be given points based on the result of the Team A vs B, and Team C vs D matches.
Now please note - You can only join game rooms before the first match starts (so before Team A vs B starts playing you can join any game room). Once Team A vs B has begun, all rooms are locked and you cannot join any room even if all your eleven players are from Team C vs D. If you want to join any room, even if your team has all 11 players from only Team C vs D, you have to do it before Team A vs B start playing.

So to summarize -
You can select your players from any of the four teams playing for the day.
When the first match begins, all players from the first match lock, but since the second match hasn't started, all players from the second match can be edited until the second match begins.
You cannot join any rooms after the first match has started, so all rooms must be joined before the countdown timer hits 00:00:00